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Here we show you property in Bali. From cheap houses and luxury Bali villas to undeveloped land where you can build your own house. Buying real estate in Bali can be an adventure; we can make it comfortable for you. Just mail us for an appointment and we show you our properties and explain if needed, the property laws in Indonesia and how they may apply to you. Some houses or villas are for rent too, so you may be able to 'try out' your choice for a while, to see if it fits. If you rather like to start from scratch and want to build you own home in paradise we can show you various real estate that has been build by the architects and contractors we represent. There is beach land or land in the hills and mountains of this tropical island available for you to create your own paradise, in almost every budget. From luxury beachfront villas to a house with rice paddy views or a house in a village We don't promise you that you will get rich by having properties in Bali, although some people do very well. Investment, in our eyes, is something you do first of all in yourself. This island gives you the opportunity to own a villa or house at a reasonable price with a good chance on return of investment. We can help you with rentals, with this website or the use of other channels. If you already own properties in Bali we can assist you in sales and rentals, also if you want to sell your hotel in Bali. For renting, lease, buying and selling we are able to assist. A tropical home, in a part of Indonesia with friendly people and a colorful Hindu culture, where life and real estate can be cheap, relaxing and very enjoyable. You can also build your own property in Bali, according to your specifications, in your own taste.

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